Sheldon Kennedy

Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Aviator


About Me

Dedicated to working from home. I do not believe in a 9-5 job. I strongly support and believe anyone can successfully work from home and be happy!

I like languages. Not just programming languages but real life languages. Native English speaker, I enjoy others such as German, Japanese, Korean, Esperanto, Serbian and Afrikaans.

I am an aviator, I love flying. You can usually find me at KTMB. I am currently a student pilot working towards my private pilots license.

I'm also a daytrader in the stock market. I have developed a keen interest in finance as I've gotten older and daytrading and swing trading are among my top interests with regards to money making.

Portfolio of Skills

PHP Python MySQL CodeIgniter WordPress OpenCart Bootstrap Bitcoin

My Latest Projects


AutomateCall is *the* solution for automated calling to your customers.


TwilioJobs is my portal for Twilio/VoIP consulting. I have a passion for this technology and love developing for it.


A forum for open communication about making money online and building wealth, both personally and for your business.

SMS Coin Check

A simple, free way to check Bitcoin prices via SMS.


My startup for fresh coffee delivered right to your door!


TwimlHost allows you to host Twilio TwiML without setting up a server.